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COVID-19: Extraordinary preventive measures


COVID-19: Extraordinary preventive measures

Dear customers and partners!

We would like to inform you that the Halder d.o.o. company, in order to protect the health of all of us and to prevent the spread of corona virus infection on one hand and to ensure the security of our supplies and support on the other side, we have taken the preventive measures listed below that are effective as of 16 March 2020 until cancellation.

We kindly ask you for your cooperation and understanding. Readiness for cooperation will help us continue to provide you with smooth supplies and a high level of support.

Actions for preventing the Corona virus from spreading:

  • Visits to the company are forbidden except for urgent ones. Emergency visits must be pre-arranged and approved by the contact persons at our company and by following all preventive hygiene regulations. 
  • Business trips and business partner visits are limited to the minimum possible. Most associates, unless otherwise instructed, will work from home and will be available at their work numbers and email addresses. 
  • Carriers, suppliers, customers must comply with the instructions of the warehouse staff regarding logistics. 
  • Movement of any carrier, supplier or customer is restricted and allowed only within the protected area. Entry into the warehouse, office building and other premises is strictly forbidden.

Measures to ensure smooth deliveries:

  • Proactive and comprehensive communication with all principals,
  • More than 90% of all purchasing resources are tied to European production, excluding Italy.
  • Consumption analysis by programmes and major customers and optimizing inventory rates.

An appeal to you: Despite positive information from our principals and an increase in our own stock, we kindly ask you for a non-binding forecast of your consumption of our products for this year or maximum period allowed by your planning system. At Halder, we will use this information to optimize inventories of both finished goods and required input materials from our principals. In this way, together we can further reduce the risks associated with supply chains.

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